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by William Ivey   |  Dec 12, 2019    

Wellue is a company that runs innovative healthcare technology to improve people health. It is a brand founded by Viatom Technology Co Limited. This is considered the rapid-growing health technology company which focus on improving the individuals' health. They take off every product and monitors consumers' insights for delivering best -class health care products. 

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Wellue is providing one year warranty and free shipping. Their app is also available on Google Play and App store. At wellue, You can find different types of products like SleepU, O2Ring, WearoO2, SnoreZ, PulsebitMate, and Pulsebit Ex. Use the welluehealth coupons to get off on your purchase.

Does Lower Heart Rate Mean Longer Life Spam?

According to medical experts, people who have a slower heart within a normal range can live longer. Already, medical scientists observed that resting heart rate for healthy adults is 5360. Many of the studies, as revealed, the resting heart rate is 70 beats per minute. The total number of heartbeats in a person's life is about 2.5 to 3 billion. As per the clinical studies, people with fast resting heart rates have a risk of cardiovascular diseases with a high mortality rate.

  1. For mammals the slower the heart rate, the longer the life span
  2. Heart rate is an effective indicator of life expectancy
  3. Olympic medalists live 2.8 years longe


  • SleepU
  • WearO2
  • Pulsebit Mate
  • O2Ring
  • SnoreZ
  • Pulsebit Mate
  • Pulsebit EX

Maintain Resting Heart At 60 Times Per Minute

Regularly Exercise

Individuals need to exercise regularly. The intensity will slow down the resting heart rate while exercising. While doing different exercises, it strengthens the heart function and slows the resting heart rate. Resting heart in sleep can beat 38-50 beats per minute.  

Maintain Healthy Weight

We know that obesity can increase the burden of the heart. Whenever your mood changes, it can accelerate the heart rate initially. Individuals need to do fitness exercises by following a particular diet.

Avoid Smoking And Drinking

By having the habit of smoking and drinking, you can accelerate your resting heart. Just try to quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible. The heart is an important index for overall health. It detects and controls within that time when the heart rate is abnormal. Just keep your emotions and exercise reasonable in life. 


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