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by William Ivey   |  Nov 07, 2019    

Just fitting your life into one bag is not a small task at all. Do you know? How to select the best backpack that perfectly fits and fulfills all of your basic needs. We know all of our important stuff is within our arms reach. Everyone travels from one location to another. So you must pick the perfect travel backpack that is a tough endeavor. When it comes down to personal preference, you can choose both roller luggage and camera backpacks.

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Recently, we have heard about peakdesign. It's a designing company that crafts premium quality everyday travel bags and camera gear at most affordable prices. All the products of peakdesign were manufactured in Vietnam and China. Don't forget to use the peak design coupon to get 55% off on your purchase.

Peak Design Everyday Bags

Peak design everyday backpack is the best that adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and environment. It gives one to unrivaled accessibility, expandability, and organization. Especially, peak design everyday bags come with weatherproof side zips. The size of the peak design everyday bags is 20 and 30 liter. A user can select different colors like black, charcoal, ash, including tan. 

An everyday backpack is designed to meet the carry needs of photographers, travelers, commuters, and adventures. These everyday backpacks consist of flex-fold dividers, Inner side panel pockets, revolutionary external carry, dual-active side access, perfectly sized to fit DJI Mavic and DJI spark, tuck-away waist strap with a weatherproof shell. 

Classification of Everyday Bags

  • Everyday backpack
  • Everyday messenger
  • Everyday TOTE
  • Everyday Sling 10L
  • Everyday Sling 15L
  • Field pouch
  • Range pouch

Travel Bags

A travel backpack is very versatile, durable, and beautifully crafted. It is a unique travel backpack that features top side, front, weatherproof zips, 400D with mesh sleeve. The zippered dividing panel separates the bag into two compartments. These bags are offering unparalleled protection. Various types of travel bags enlisted below.

  • Travel Backpack 45L
  • Travel duffel pack 65L
  • Travel duffel 35L
  • Packing cubes
  • Camera cubes 
  • Tech pouch
  • Wash pouch
  • Shoe Pouch

Does Camera Gear Matter?

In some of the situations, it's so challenging to take macro shots of things if you don't have a microlens. Even sports, action and wildlife photographers usually want a camera with a high burst rate for action shots Different camera gears includes straps, tripods, clips, drone carry, camera covers including apparel. By using the shell, you can protect your camera from water, snow, dust, and abrasion. Use the peak design discount code to get 55% off on your purchase. 

Pricing of Peak Design 

At peak design, each product is designed initially for doing a particular set of tasks. For owing peak design products, you need to pay $259.95 for an everyday backpack, $179.95 for ordinary messenger, $149.95 for everyday sling 10L, $149.95 for the everyday tote, 219.95 for travel duffel pack 65L and $49.95 for slide lite. 


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