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by William Ivey   |  Nov 06, 2019    

Nu image medical is a company that is providing patient service since 2004. They want to set high standards for patients who were eagerly looking forward to taking expert medical advice without any boundaries. It is a unique platform that is specialized in medical HCG protocol, sexual enhancement, hair loss treatment, hormone replacement therapy, including other anti-aging programs. There is a futuristic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. Licensed physicians provide all these services. The chief medical officer is certified by A4M worldlink medical. Apply the nu image medical coupon code to get 70% off.

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicne is defined as the telecommunication and information that is provided at healthcare distance. It eliminates distance barriers by improving medical services. The technologies permit communications between patient and medical staff with both convenience and fidelity.  

Why Nu Image Medical?

At your own comfort, you can take online doctor visits and prescriptions without any hassles. They are offering the best solutions for weight loss, peptides, hair, including sex-related issues. You need to enroll instantly, consult online, and get the product shipped directly to your doorstep. 

Weight Loss 

We know that achieving an ideal body is never that easy. If you are an individual who was struggling to find the proper HCG protocol, then you are in the right place. There are different plans available online that tell what you can and can't eat while you are diet. Dr.Simeons design the whole diet. Daily dosage for injection should be between 150-200 iu for 49 days. All the women out there need to stop taking these injections when their menstrual cycle. Dr.Simeons diet consists of Breakfast and Lunch.    

Breakfast- You can take coffee or tea without any sugar. Instead of using sugar, replace it with stevia. 

Lunch - For lunch, one can have 100 grams of beef, veal, shrimp, chicken breast, fresh white fish, or crab. If you notice clearly, there is visible fat on meats, as well. While preparing the meat, it must be boiled or grilled without any extra fats. 

Vegetable Choices

  • Chicory
  • Asparagus
  • Chard
  • Green salad
  • Celery
  • Beet Greens
  • Red Radishes
  • Fruit Choices
  • 1 Apple                                                                                         
  • Strawberries
  • Grapefruit

Hormones Peptides

Hormones peptides are capable of building, recovering, and healing. They are providing online medically supervised peptide therapy program so that, you feel young, vibrant, improve faster by building muscle. There are signs of low HGH levels that can decrease focus, Memory loss, Depression, Changes in mood, Slower metabolism, Hair loss, reduce energy, and high cholesterol. By taking peptides, You can initially increase energy levels, Improves focus, Wrinkle-free skin, Improve sex drive, faster hair growth, and quickly heals rates by enhancing immunity. Don’t forget to apply the nu image medical discount code to get 70% off on your purchase. 

Are You Facing Sex Troubles in Bed? 

If you are a couple who is facing issues regarding having sex in bed, then, nu image medical is selling two different types of products like scream cream and mt Everest. By using these products, it can increase overall sexual performance, enhance your libido, and increase your satisfaction. Do you know? What scream cream does? They improve the rate of blood flow, enhances the sensitivity of your genital, and also attaining orgasms. For these scream cream, you need to pay USD 99. 


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