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by William Ivey   |  Nov 08, 2019    

Hummingbird hammocks is a company that designs and constructs the best light-weighted parachute at most affordable prices. The parachute materials are combined with design and construction techniques. All the products are meticulously designed, hand-made, and packed with love. Every piece of material is military spec. All these wonderful materials are hand-cut and sewn by skilled sewing machine operators where gear is wholly open-source and certified by the open-source hardware association. This company has featured on sunset, outside, tripsavvy, and backpacking light. Their gear weights about 30% less apply the hummingbird hammocks discount code to get 40% off on your purchase.

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What’s Unique About Hammocks?

Hummingbird hammocks built for two. It comes with an additional 12 inches in length and 34 inches in width. It almost holds 400 pounds, which is FAA certified. These products support various features like lock stitched with military spec nylon thread, built to FAA parachute rigging standards, extremely lightweight, meager pack weight, PIA-C-44378 T4 certified reserve parachute fabric, 1500 lb spectra cord with Certified open hardware US00097. All these hammocks are available in five different colors like Gray and forest green, gray and grass green, gray and skydiver blue, gray, and sunset, including gray and deep purple.

Types of Hammocks

  • Single + Hammock
  • Single Hammock
  • Double Hammock
  • Long Hammock

Why Choosing Straps?

Have you ever wonder why everyone else's tree straps weight so much? These straps are a perfect companion for your ultralight hammock straps hiding in your pack. All products are designed and built by an FAA-certified parachute rigger. These straps made in the USA. It comes with different features like lock stitched with military spec nylon thread, 1" Dyneema webbing with 1500 lb spectra cord.

  • Tree Straps
  • Tree straps+
  •  Extensions 

Importance of Shelter

A shelter is a place where people relax and sleep without concern. A hummingbird hammock, the warbler bug net provides full 360-degree protection from mosquito, bugs, and possibly even small birds. It comes with different features like 0.6 oz no-see-um bug netting, lock stitched with military spec nylon thread, built to FAA parachute rigging standards, extremely lightweight, deficient pack volume and certified open hardware US0130. The weight of the package is 226 g. All these warbler bug net come with full 360-degree protection, Ultralight zipper with reinforced end closure. Use the hummingbird hammocks coupon code to get 40% off. 

  • Heron rain tarp
  • Pelican rain tarp
  • Warbler bug net
  • Puffin underquilt

Replacement Parts 

If you are looking to upgrading the older soft link carabiners to the newest form of the linking system, then this replacement set is the best thing you needed. 1500lb spectra design them with a custom-designed nylon button. 

  • Replacement button link set
  • Replacement tree strap webbing
  • Replacement whoopie sling
  • Replacement bag
  • Tenacious tape flex patches


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