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by William Ivey   |  Dec 11, 2019    

Many of the companies look for English editing and proofreading services. If you don't have a particular idea regarding these services then, we are going to suggest the best English editing services without any hassle. It's time for you to upgrade to the Edit11 English editing service. This company provides the ultimate editing service employed by Toyota, DHL, including the Hanson robotics. Don't forget to apply the Edit911 coupons to get off on your purchase. 

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The whole team holds PhDs and working as a college professor, scholars, and published authors who are highly skilled at English editing. They also post full of tips and methods related to writing and copywriting. In addition to this editing work, they also give a comprehensive report on your work. Already edit911 edited 30,000 documents since 1999. After using these edit911 services, the user must be 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Why Hire a Ph.D. For Editing?

Mostly, whenever you hire someone to edit your work, you will be employing a master editor who is an expert in editing the exact type of text. Do you know? Most of the excellent editors across the globe are not PhDs. We never disparage anyone without a Ph.D. 

Main Reasons of Edit911

A Ph.D. graduate has undergone intensive and rigorous training. They are thinkers, scholars, readers, and writers. These must take more hours for comprehensive writing. Later, the Ph.D. candidate needs to write a thoroughly researched and documented book-length study. Throughout- out this process, the candidate's thesis is scrutinized by a committee of PhDs.

  1. Edit911 demands a score of 100%. Most of the applicants fail the test. 
  2. Edit911 PhDs are mostly scholars and authors of books
  3. Editing PhDs perform both grammar, formatting, and content. 

Editing Services Provided at Edit911

  • Book Editing
  • Fiction Book Editing
  • Non-Fiction Book Editing
  • Dissertation Editing
  • Thesis Editing
  • Essay Editing
  • Document Editing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Academic Editing
  • Business Editing
  • ESL Editing

Ordering Services

For ordering those edit911 services, you need to follow three easy steps. First, determine your word count, Get an instant quote and Checkout & submit a project. They are offering three types of plans. By upgrading to the premium plus plan, It improves language usage, organization, checks to the phrase, improves scholarly tone, improves formatting styles, and identifies any unsupported. Use the Edit911 discount code to get instant off.


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