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by William Ivey   |  Aug 09, 2019    

Easy Whim is a company that strives to bring the incredible collections of Arts & Crafts for all creative enthusiasts. They focus on items which always excite their customer. Getting the best quality art & craft products must be accessible. It is a unique platform that can drive a ton of crafting products instantly. Every individual loves to buy these products.  If you are an individual who has creative hobbies, then you can do amazing things like lifting spirits, creating beautiful shared moments when all people enjoy the art together. Easy whim has a passion driven by the idea to change the world. Use easywhim discount code to get 80% off on your purchase.

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What is 5D Diamond Painting?

Many of us have heard about the 5D diamond painting. Perhaps, we have seen some posts on social media. All these 5d diamond paintings look so beautiful and captivating. But we don't have an idea of how the diamond painting created. Diamond painting is known as the popular craft that has started in Asia. It has gained immense popularity among art and crafts enthusiasts and professionals. Any individual can be able to create a 5d diamond painting. Before that, they have to own DP kits which contain Rhinestone gems, Canvas with a picture, and adhesive to attach the stones. This diamond comes in a size of 2.5x2.5mm. All these diamonds were available in 3D and 5D. A 3D diamond has 9 slides while the 5D diamond has 15, obviously 5D diamond would be shinier than a 3D diamond.

DIY 5D Light Diamond Ornaments

You can light up your days with the DIY 5d light diamond ornaments. It features some of the stunning designs. The user can be able to upgrade their creativity and Imaginative skills through this exclusive collection. This product is perfect for home decoration. You can place beside the table, Office light or else anywhere you want. It comes with precise specifications like Diamond painting lightbox material, and Resin individually shaped rhinestones, Sized at 150 x 150 mm, 2 x AA batteries with Full drill unique shaped rhinestones.  You have to pay $24.99 for DIY 5D light diamond ornaments. By using easywhim promo code, you can get 80% OFF.

DIY 4D Mechanized Creations

  • Pendulum Clock DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Marble Run 4D DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Locomotive DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Perpetual Calendar DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Bunny DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Air Vehicle DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Orpheus DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Seymour DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Space vehicle DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • Submarine DIY 4D Mechanized Creations.
  • The Tractor DIY Mechanized Creations.

Pricing Of DIY 4D Mechanized Creations

All these DIY 4D mechanized creation products were priced differently. You have to pay $79.99 for pendulum clock, $64 for Marble run, $89.99 for Locomotive, $39.99 for Perpetual calendar, $54.99 for Bunny, $89.99 for Air vehicle, $54.99 for Orpheus, and USD 54 for space vehicle DIY 4D mechanized creations.  Use easywhim coupon code to get 80% OFF.


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