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by William Ivey   |  May 07, 2019    

Marketing Report is necessary toward achieving project goals and objectives. It is essential that you as a marketer should know the overall situation of a product, of a group of products or services. 

With the market research, you get to know about the price, demand, and supply and market structure of a product or services. In-depth analysis can also tell you about your competitors and how the top marketers are executing their business.

As a human being, it is not possible to take all the marketing decision right.  Also, there are lots of factors which take place while making any decision. Planning and executing marketing decision at the same time can be a problem. 

You need to plan it wisely and then execute it, but when you look at the competitors, just planning won’t do. You need a tool which should be fast and reliable. Thanks to modern software, where we can get a marketing report just with a click. 

Isn’t it amazing? 

A report is where it can help you to understand the context of the problem and how you are going to fix it. Yes, with a tool you can achieve the desired results. 

Now, with the advancement of technology, it has become hard for us to identify which tool works best and which doesn’t. 

Well, Let me introduce you the top three automated marketing report tool which has not only worked out for many businesses but also you get the reasonable price for each of the tool.

Let’s go through the top three marketing report tool which I’ve come across. 

  • Supermetrics
  • DashThis


The very first one which I would like to talk about is Supermetrics, and it is not only reliable but brings all marketing metrics at one place. Being analytic software, Supermetrics puts all the metrics and performance indicators in a centralized and accessible location. 

With the Supermetrics you will be able to automate your reporting process with Google Docs & Sheets. You can easily import all your metrics from various data sources which are Adwords, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google Webmaster tool.

Supermetrics Features

  • You get to analyze the data at once place which will save time and create a less hassle work 
  • You can compare all the data sources and track progress based on the metrics from a different location
  • Supermetrics give you the accurate report and also analyze that marketing strategy where you are going wrong.
  • It automates alert if you are going wrong and set your performance accordingly. 

Supermetrics Pricing

There are six different tools you get to analyze your marketing strategy with Supermetrics. Have a look

  • Supermetrics for Google Sheets

The Supermetrics for Google Sheets starts from $49 a month, and you can easily report and monitor marketing strategy in Google Sheets

  • Supermetrics for Data Studio

You will get the top dashboard and marketing reports in Data Studio at just $19 a month

  • Supermetrics Data Grabber

If you want to report, and analyze your data in excel then, Data Grabber is the best for you. You have to pay $11.99 every month

  • Supermetrics Function

Get the best way to your marketing metrics into sheets and excel with Supermetrics Function. The price will be $11.99 a month

  • Supermetrics Uploader

With just $39 a month, you can easily automate the upload of promoting cost data into Google Analytics  with Supermetrics Uploader


We all know how online business is taking over the market in recent times. To this, you need to be quick and the best tool to make sure you execute your marketing plans wisely. DashThis is here to ensure that you get to create the perfect marketing analysis dashboard.  

What is DashThis?

DashThis is marketing report tool where you can organize your marketing data of PPC, SEM & SEO campaign. The tool is specially designed for marketing agencies and professional. 

With the best analysis, DashThis ensure to create sales for you. It will also make sure that you get an intuitive and clean design reporting dashboard which is easy to understand.

DashThis Features

  • With over more than 30 plus integrations and custom-data, it will help you to keep your data at hand.
  • The tool comes with a preset widget and digital marketing dashboard template
  • You can share your dashboard with colleagues and also make sure you both are on the right track

DashThis Plans

DashThis offers you five different plans which include various features and price. Have a look

  • Individual

You can look for the individual plan which will cost you just $39 a month, and you will get three dashboards. 

  • Professional

The professional plan will be $129 a month, and you get ten different dashboards 

  • Business

The business plan comes with 25 different dashboards, and you will get the plan at just $249 a month

  • Standard

The standard one has 50 dashboards, and it will charge you $399 a month

  • Enterprise

 If you are looking for 100 dashboards, Enterprise will be the right option for you. The charge will be $599 a month.


Reportz is one of my best because it is quick and gives me weekly reporting. The best part is you get simple, and easy KPI reports.

What is Reportz?

Reportz is where you can track your metrics from different sources. It is where you get the real-time data and KPO’s from your entire marketing channel. Reportz works best for digital marketing agencies, SEO, and web analyst.

Why Reportz? 

Imagine how problematic it would have been if all the marketing decision and execution has been taken care of a single person. With Reportz, you get a tool which is highly responsive and reliable.

You get a simple, highly-intuitive white label reporting tool which is designed with a focus on automation, real-time data access from multiple points and all-in-one integrations of marketing tool. 

Reportz Features

  • You can easily filter, merge and compare the data you need
  • Reportz help you in getting the unlimited number of widgets
  • It will help you in combining your SEO, PPC, ranking and other metrics

Reportz Pricing

  • There are three different pricing plans for Reportz which is Consultant, Agency, and Enterprise
  • For the consultant plan, you need to pay $20.88 per month to get three dashboards.
  • The Agency Plan will charge you $134.40 per month for 20 different dashboards
  • With the Enterprise plan, you will get 90 dashboards, and the cost will be $516.60 per month


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