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by William Ivey   |  Dec 20, 2019    

If you are the person who is into the stream of travelling, then we have bought a brand that makes you explore more. It's the right time to unlock the premium brand, which made of high-quality materials without compromising. Are you excited to know? It's Bastion gear. Bastion is a brand that strives to bring a vast and diverse range of premium products at most affordable products.

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By using the Bastion Gear coupons, you can get off on your purchasing product. Bastion is an incredible platform where you can find a different line of products that includes knives, wallets, pocket tools, custom gun parts and accessories. Their company established in 2012 and since this product range has been grown rapidly.

How to Get 500 Complimentary Points?

After signing up to bastion gear, A user can receive 500 complimentary points. Every individual can earn bastion gear rewards upon each purchase made at Bastion Gear. You can only earn points on product purchases. It's not valid upon shipping and custom engraving fees. Do you know? How to set up your account. Just enrol and become a rewards member and earn one point per every dollar spent. What's the better thing is, they won't charge you at any cost. But, the customer needs to provide their information regarding full name and email addresses. 

Product at Bastion Gear


Pistol of the bastion specialized in custom magazine base plates for Glock. It comes with a custom quality finish and laser engraving. Every custom plate is perfect for replacing the plastic stock plates. These floor plates are incredibly durable. At bastion Gear, You can find the four different types of pistol, such as Bastion clock 19, 43, 42, and 17 models.  


A rifle comes with a long-barrelled firearm that is designed for accurate shooting. The user can typically hold with both hands. It has a mil-spec ejection of the port dust cover for Ar-15 that fits perfectly on 223, 556, 6.8, 6.5 and 300 AAC. Preferably this it consists of magazine releases, charging handles, trigger guards, cleaning kits and shotgun shell carriers.  

EDC Utility Wallet

Every individual out there always loves to carry EDC gear from one place to another. The full abbreviation EDC is every day carry. Some of the EDC gear includes bastion slice, bastion Braza D2 steel blade mini bro, Bolt action pen, EDC folding knife carbon, custom chef nakiri knife and Braza s35VN blade EDC folding knife titanium. Don't forget to apply the Baston Gear discount code to get instant off. 

Other Gear

We know that personal expression and style are the most significant forms of individuality. These are the gears that differ from one another. You can find different types of gears like bastion sticker pack, PVC morale patch, Bastion patch panel, PVC morale patch, Embroidered morale patch, OVC morale patch, Challenge coin, EMB morale patch, PVC morale patch, Embroidered morale patch and many more. 

Pricing of Bastion Gear

Bastion Gear is a company that sells America's top-notch EDC accessories. For these products, you need to pay $29.99 for pistol, $16.99 for AR-15 custom laser rifle, $69.99 for Braza D2 blade EDC folding knife titanium-coated and $36.99 for Bastion patch panel. 


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